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Anxiety Disorder
     After years of traditional therapy and medications to help my son with anxiety we decided to give acupuncture a try. I had read in several medical journals and articles that acupuncture had been proven to aid in reducing stress and anxiety. We were searching for an alternative to counseling and a way to stay medicine free when "trigger" situations would bring about anxiety attacks. One such "trigger" is the beginning of school. At 12, I wasn't sure if my son would be comfortable with the thought of getting needles throughout his body. In fact, when I first spoke with Ms. Lauren Leung about the idea, she was very informative and insured me that she had worked with children before and had positive results. She offered alternatives to the needles, talked directly to him, showed us her tools and made us feel so comfortable. My son began his course of treatment 4 weeks before school began. At first, he was worn out after the treatments. As the anxiety level lowered a sense of calm would come over him. By the 3rd treatment, it became clear that this year could possibly be his best ever. New school, new friends, unfamiliar teachers, bus ride, new responsibilities and he just "rolled" with it all. It has been amazing. In the past, we were always so concerned about him being able to make it through the day without having an attack that we weren't overly concerned about grades. Since working with Ms. Leung, our son's anxiety has subsided to the point that he has emerged as an honor student. Ask questions, visit her office, listen and watch. It works. We would highly recommend acupuncture as an alternative treatment for anxiety. Ms. Leung creates a warm, welcoming environment and her genuine concern for patients is unparallel.
(Parent of Male, 12)

     I went to Leung Acupuncture after struggling with digestive issues and constipation for as long as I can remember. I would get cramps, bloating, headaches and feel sluggish. I found myself taking laxatives or herbal teas to get relief. I knew this was an unhealthy way to treat my issues. I turned to acupuncture and Lauren Leung for help. After one session at Leung Acupuncture, I have not had to take anything and I feel great. My digestion is now working as it should without ANY medication.
(Female, 31)

Digestive Issues
     Lauren is great. For years I had a stomach illness undiagnosed by doctors, which included constant vomiting in the morning and nausea throughout the day. Within 2 treatments of acupuncture and herbs all of the symptoms were completely gone, and have never returned. She is a life saver.
(Male, 22)

Knee Pain
     I worked with an acupuncturist who studied acupuncture in the West several years ago and achieved good results with him. The results I've had on my health issues with Lauren however, have been nothing short of amazing. Her years of study, including studies in China , have given her an insight into working with energy and meridians that was evident from my first session.

     I've seen Lauren 7 times so far and the health issues we began working on have all improved dramatically. In my 4th session I had a flare-up of an old knee problem and within 15 minutes of treatment the knee was still tender but the pain was gone and has not returned. After 3 more treatments it feels more stable and feels stronger. No Western doctor ever achieved that kind of result.

     Lauren is very personable and will explain what she's doing during treatment in a way anyone can understand.

     Contrary to what many people think, acupuncture needles don't hurt like injections you may get at a Western doctor's office. If you have any health issues that have become chronic, or the medicines you've been taking don't work as well to control the condition, you should try acupuncture.

     Some friends have been amazed at the results I've achieved with Lauren on chronic health issues; but ask if I need to keep getting acupuncture treatments forever to control them. The answer is no. Acupuncture is about improving health, not simply eliminating illness until the same problems return again. The results of acupuncture in my experience are therefore more permanent and without the side effects of many Western treatments.
(Male, 57)

Low Back Pain
     I have suffered severe lower back pain for several years due to a car accident I was in. I have tried physical therapy, stretching and pain meds but nothing seems to work. A friend of mine suggested acupuncture and it was AMAZING! I woke up the next morning after the 1st treatment and for the first time I had no back pain at all. I just couldn't believe it. Lauren is very knowledgable and great at what she does. I have recommended several of my family and friends to her and would refer anyone who has chronic pain to take time to get treated and they will not regret it.
(Female, 25)

Migraine Headaches
     Thanks to Lauren's wonderful knowledge and expertise, I no longer suffer from Migraine headaches as I had for years. Acupuncture works wonders, but only if you go on a regular basis to cure the cause of the headaches. Her treatments get to the root cause and clear the headaches. They do not mask the symptoms like Western medication.

     I required Chinese herbs and weekly acupuncture initially and now I only go for a treatment as needed. I haven't had a headache in a year and a half. I used to get them very frequently.

     Lauren is highly educated and skilled in acupuncture-- like no other in Charlotte. Her treatments sure beat taking Migraine medicine which has horrible side effects.
(Female, 50)

Spinal Stenosis
     Lauren's passion for helping others and her flexible and easy manner have made working with her a pleasure. The back problems I was having have improved greatly. I have referred many people to Lauren and will continue to recommend her.
(Female, 58)